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Class of 2021 Info

Check the info below for the latest updates for the FHS class of 2021!
On January 25th @ 4pm Foothill will be hosting a Cash for College event for seniors. You can attend the meeting using this link:

If you haven't attended a workshop for the Bakersfield College Application process, they have added some more dates for you to choose from! Even if you don't plan to attend BC, it would be a good idea to do the workshops and get the admissions process completed so you can secure priority registration just in case. Priority registration means you get first pick on classes. In college, classes fill up quickly, so this is an awesome opportunity.  


If you are dually enrolled in BC courses, you still have to do this process (it will just require an update of your admissions instead of starting from scratch)- you aren't automatically grandfathered in. I would hate for you to lose out on the opportunity to get priority registration.  


Priority registration can be like winning the lottery when it comes to getting into impacted classes that can keep you there longer than the two or so years it would typically take. Join us by using the link below and bring the items on the checklist attached! See you there! 


BC Application/Update Workshops: 

Tuesday, 1/19/21 

Tuesday, 1/26/21 

Thursday, 1/28/21 


All workshops will be held from 1:30pm-3:30pm 

Zoom link: 

If you have any questions please email:


Cap and Gown for Graduation

Jostens is the official source for you graduation cap & gown. 

Orders need to be placed by February 15 to avoid late fees and to ensure you have a gown that fits for graduation.

Link to the Jostens Foothill Senior Store (link)

Link directly to the basic cap and gown package (link)

College Application and Financial Aid Workshops

If you are thinking about or planning on going to a UC, CSU, JC, or any other type of post-secondary school, check out this list of workshops and links to join. The document is posted below.

Senior Class Remind
Have you joined the Remind group just for the senior class? Click on the document below to find out how to join up and keep in the know.