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2020-21 Specific Pages » #Foothill2190Challenge


Trojans - we survived our first semester of distance learning but we can do better than survive. Let's use this time to be reminded that we need to take care of ourselves: body, mind, and soul.
We have begun the #Foothill2190Challenge to help each other in this quest.
Why 2190? 
     - It takes 21 days to build or break a habit.
     - It takes 90 days to make that habit a lifestyle. 
Often the best way to make changes is to have support; sometimes a little competition and accountability does the trick to help us stay on track.
This challenge is designed to help in all those areas.
This is about the WHOLE you - mind, body, and soul. 
Maybe you have goals related to exercise or eating habits.
Maybe you want to spend some time meditating or other tools to help feel centered and destressed.
Maybe you are reading a self-help book or working with an online support group.
What ever you are doing or want to do for self-betterment, let others know and share it.
Are you stuck and don't know what to do? Check out other challenge participants and their journey; perhaps you'll find something new to try and inspire you. 
So what do we do?
  • Start! Maybe you were challenged, or maybe you are just ready to go. Either way, share your announcement with your fellow Trojans and better yet: challenge other teachers, students, staff members, or parents/guardians to join you in the challenge. 
  • Weekly Updates! Each week post on your own social media an update. This can be as simple as a picture of you in action (or a screen shot from your smart app or tech you are using) and let everyone know what you are up to.
That's it! Challenge your friends and let's do this together!
Be sure to use #Foothill2190Challenge and #WeAreTrojans when you post.
Who's Doing It?
As often as we can, we will share updates here of who is participating and when possible we will ad some of the things they are doing. Maybe you'll find something new to try...
Those challenged by each participant can be found here as well so we can see the growth of our challenge.
*Links to apps and resources provided as helpful hints only and not as an official school endorsement of the app/resource or it's affiliates. Remember that those with health conditions should consult a physician before making major changes to diet and/or exercise.  
  • Derreck Reed (Dean of Students) ~ running and using Headspace app for guided meditation.
    • Gail Bentley (Principal) ~ stretching and cycling/spinning
      • Kristy Towle
      • Debra Thompson
    • Octavio Patino (Assistant Principal of Instruction) ~ running
      • Lydia Caceres (Counselor)
      • Denise James (Counselor) ~ getting on the treadmill and enjoying "The Office"
      • Connie Martin (Counselor) ~ getting outside, playing with family and pets
        • Gina Chavez (Administrative Secretary) ~ walking 6 miles a day
          • Claudia Amezcua (Career Counselor)
          • Vicky Mendez (Dean's Secretary)
          • David Rendon (Community Counselor)
        • Yvonne Cokley (English Teacher)
      • Mary Miller (Counselor) ~ focusing on getting healthy sleep & using SleepIQ
        • AVID Seniors (students)
      • Amy Poochigian (Counselor) ~ running or other exercise at least 30 min/day
        • Ryan Aldrich (English Teacher)
        • Ashley Rivera (Science Teacher)
        • Jorey Wilson (Physical Education Teacher) ~ weights and working out
          • Nicole Amaral (Agriculture Teacher)
          • Sierra Hawkesworth (Agriculture Teacher)
          • Brooke Charles (Physical Education Teacher)
      • Wendy Ward (Counselor)
    • Jodi Shuppert (Assistant Principal of Administration) ~ work out before work each day
      • Carolina Gonzalez (Administrative Secretary)
      • Jessie Alvarez (Campus Police Officer)
    • Jennifer West (Director of Activities) ~ using Ifit on the treadmill
      • John Barker (Instrumental Music Teacher) ~ 10K steps a day, using FitBit
        • David Ortiz (Choral Music Teacher) ~ using the elliptical and yoga
          • Jennifer Ortiz (spouse) ~ eating healthier and working out
            • @busy_ang (off campus connection) ~ Zumba
            • @brujaachulaa (off campus connection)
            • @ortiz_guera (off campus connection)
            • @estef_renee22 (off campus connection)
            • @dreemedel (off campus connection)
            • @mimi8707 (off campus connection) ~ eating healthy, 10K steps a day
          • Annette Williams (Science Teacher)
          • Ryan Clippenger (Arvin Choral Music Teacher)
          • Christy Rohaye (East Choral Music Teacher)
          • Elizabeth Provencio (Ridgeview Choral Music Teacher)
          • Jack Bertrand (off campus connection)
        • Vernon Clark (Agriculture Teacher)
        • David Casillas (student)
      • Jordan Hernandez-Schafer (student) ~ getting to the gym, using the treadmill
      • Adam Biezad (student)
    • Amy Burdick (OCI Teacher) ~ eating healthy with HelloFresh and tracking steps/movement
      • Kalissa Maki (Finance Officer) ~ cooking healthy recipes
      • Beth Tudor (French Teacher) ~ healthy eating
        • Shannon Banuelos (Health Teacher)
        • Ty Rose (Social Studies Teacher) ~ getting out in nature / surfing
          • Amy Rose (spouse)
          • Pat Carlotti (Social Studies Teacher)
      • Hilda Aguiniga (Registrar)
    • Doug Burdick (English Teacher) ~ focusing on eating healthy with HelloFresh meal kits
      • Matt Clough (English Teacher)
      • Stephen Beard (English Teacher) ~ de-stressing with golf
        • Garrett Willis (English Teacher)
        • Link Costa (English Teacher)
        • Breanna Martinez (English Teacher)