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Lydia Caceres MS, PPS

Mrs. Caceres
I am proud to be serving our Trojan students, families, and staff since 2016. I have been an educator since 2007 in the Kern High School District and have served students as a Spanish Teacher and Counselor.
In addition to being your CDE (Computer Design Engineering) Counselor, I enjoy hosting our yearly summer program: "College Bound!" which aids juniors tailor, improve and work on your UC, CSU, and Common Application College Essays and applications.
I can help you with the following programs:
  • Latina Leaders of Kern County                (Juniors & Seniors)                   September - May
This group runs from October - May. Students are nominated by their Counselor (or you can see me and express your interest). This program offers an array of self-development, empowering, mentoring and leadership building skills to the ladies involved. You need to provide your own transportation to each session and you will be meeting on Saturdays from 9:00 am-1:00 pm one time per month. If you attend all meetings throughout the year, you qualify to participate in a yearly visit to College campuses in Southern California. Thirteen students are admitted each year and successful completion of the first year will qualify you to participate in the second year activities. See me for more information in September!
  • Bakersfield Youth Leadership                      (Juniors)                                      February - May
Nominations are accepted in January. This is a competitive program for which you need to apply and attend an interview. This program is run by the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce. It is recommended that you have participated in some form of community service, but this is not a requirement. If selected, you will participate in once per month seminars form 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. Topics included are: Leadership & Ethics and presentations on 5five career paths: Health & Human Services, Energy, Law, Criminal Justice & Public Safety, Arts & Culture, and Agricultural Careers. This unique experience will help you explore possible career paths, prepare and challenge you to learn about the plethora of careers available in Bakersfield and Kern County.
  • Young Assemblymember Leadership by Rudy Salas (Juniors & Seniors) Nov - March
The 32nd Assembly District Office offers high school juniors and seniors a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of state government and the legislative process. The Young Assemblymember Program is an invaluable way for students to take a closer look at California’s democratic processes, discuss pertinent legislation, and gain valuable contacts in local organizations and industries.

The Young Assemblymember Program begins in November and concludes in March with a trip to our State Capitol in Sacramento, where students will visit the Assembly Floor and hold a mock legislative hearing. All program expenses are covered. However, transportation for weekly meetings is not included with the exception of the Sacramento trip. The program requires the attendance of monthly sessions, which will feature guest speakers and field trips with a focus on specific topics such as government, energy, agriculture, healthcare, law enforcement, and professional development. Participants will also work together to track a state bill through the legislative process in order to gain firsthand experience of how our government functions.

Nominations and applications are due by October of each year.


  • Kern YES! Youth Empowerment Summit             (Freshman, Sophomore & Juniors)   February

KernYES! is a one day Youth Empowerment Summit hosted by Rotary Clubs of Kern County Collaborative. Their mission is " to empower the hearts and minds of Kern County's high school students to become models of character, leadership, and service". This program is a one day 7:00 am - 10:00 pm event. You will be meeting other students interested in learning how to develop resilience as you learn to transform your mindset about your own challenges through team collaboration and fun-filled activities.

  • "I am College Bound"                  (Juniors)                                June
This is a week-long class offered yearly. Students are taught to reflect on their previous academic, athletic, and community service experiences which have helped them to form the "college-bound" student eager to apply to UC and Private Colleges and Universities in California and throughout the United States. In this class, you will polish and create your Resume, analyze your transcript, high school activities and work experiences to help colleges get to know you and become part of the competitive pool of state and national applicants. This class is offered in June form 8:00 am - 2:30 pm.