Club Rush - Lake Havasu High SchoolFoothill High School offers a variety of clubs for students. Listen to the daily announcements for club meeting info and if you are interested in starting a club that you do not see happening on campus, stop by and see Mrs. West in the Activities Office for more information about how to start a club.
Use this link here to get the contact information for the clubs currently active on campus during this school year or read below for more information:
**Check back often, this page will be updated as clubs become active or submit new information. 
Art Club - Ms. Blain and Mrs. Sherwyn - Meets 2 times/ month at lunch (usually on a Thursday) in room 1001
Foothill Art Club provides a creative space for students with an interest in art to learn artistic techniques, contribute to community art projects, and communicate with like-minded people. Foothill Art Club accepts all students, regardless of artistic ability or class schedule.
Instagram: @foothill.artclub (new account - look for updated content soon)
Band (Marching, Advanced, Beginning, & Jazz) - Mr. Barker - Meets daily in classes in 804
We promote the playing music in band and provide entertainment for the school.
CDE (Computer Design and Engineering Academy) - Ms. Flowers - Meets daily in classes in 1003
CDE is the Computer Design and Engineering Academy here at Foothill and we have a club to help raise money to support our Academy activities such as our Senior trip to Knotts' Berry Farm. We invite all CDE students to join our club and help make our academy the best it can be!
More information can be found on this webpage.
Chess Club - Ms. Paulsen - Meets most Fridays in 909
The FHS Chess club meets weekly for casual games and to help students learn how to play.
Choral Music - Mr. Ortiz - Meets daily in classes in 803
Sing and loud and proud! A club/class where you can sing and not be judged .
Colorguard - Mrs. West - Meets daily in class at the Activities Office
Colorguard is a visual and performing artistic medium which combines dance, flags, and simulated weapons (rifles and sabers). During the fall (football) season, we perform with the Marching Band at halftime and at competitions. The spring is our indoor season during which we perform and compete on the gym floor.Tryouts are held annually in April or May and the colorguard class is an A-G visual and performing arts class.
More information can be found on this webpage.
D&D Club (Dungeons and Dragons) - Mr. Costa - Meets every Friday after school (~3:30-5:00) in I-1
Our club is a student run D&D campaign where students will work together in tabletop role playing games and learn to cooperate, communicate, and improvise while playing a fun game with their peers.
Dance Club - Ms. De Alba - Meets Wednesdays during lunch in room 711 followed by occasional after school practices
Dance club was created for students who are interested in learning and collaborating on choreography to perform at rallies, home games, or during lunch activity days.  We spread spirit through the art of dance. No experience is necessary!
Drama Club - Ms. Worley - Meets and sometimes at lunch in L-3 or Stage
Drama Club performs two after school plays every year and two in class performances each year. We participate in two festivals as well. Anyone is able to participate in the club after school as well as join in the tech class and advanced drama class as part of the club.
Instagram: @foothilltheater
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) - Mr. Acosta - Meets 2 Wednesdays a month in 702 or the Auditorium
FCA is designed to unite faith and athletes to support a positive campus culture.
Instagram: @foothill._fca
FFA (Future Farmers of America) - Mr. Clark, Ms. Hawkesworth, Mr. Serrano, and Mr. Meng - Chapter meetings are held once a month
FFA is an intracurricular student organization for students enrolled in agriculture courses which changes lives and prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. Every student enrolled in an agriculture course is a member of the FFA organization.
Instagram: @foothillffa
More information can be found on this webpage.
Golf (Girls in Fall, Boys in Spring) - Mr. Tensley - Practices after school during the season
Golfing is a life long hobby; go out for golf and learn more.
GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) - Mr. Costa - Meets Mondays at lunch in I-1
Our club is for LGBTQIA+ students and their straight allies to learn about the community and find their community on campus.
History Club - Mr. Rose, Mr, Carlotti, Mr. Fuentes, and Mr. Biezad - Meets every other Thursday during lunch in room 912
History Club shall promote the study and appreciation of History through intelligent debate and discussion, field trip excursions, film presentations, and assisting in the archiving of Foothill's history.
Knitting Club - Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Vargas - Meets the last Monday of every month in room 607
Knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and any other yarn related craft - drop ins welcome during lunch any day but Wednesdays
K-Pop Appreciation Club - Mr. Costa - Meets at lunch on Fridays in I-1

K-Pop Appreciation Club is for long time and new coming fans of Korean Pop music. Learn about new and old K-Pop musicians and bands and enjoy the discussions about K-Pop with fellow Trojans.


K-Pop Dance Club - Mr. Costa - Meets after school on Thursdays in I-1
K-Pop Dance Club is a place to gether and meet with other students who like to dance, or want to learn to dance, like their favorite K-Pop groups. 
Link Crew - Mr. Brackett, Miss Blain, Mrs. Wilson - Meets at lunch in the gym on the first and third Tuesday of every month

Link Crew is an organization that focuses on freshmen transitions.  Link Leaders consist of a handpicked group of upper class students from a variety of backgrounds who work together as a team to host activities on campus and mentor freshmen.  Incoming Freshmen are linked with a peer leader throughout the year for guidance they may need throughout their first year as a high school student.  By becoming a Link Leader, students also gain leadership skills that will help them become positive role models in college, the workforce, and their community.

More information can be found on this website.

Orchestra - Mr. Barker - Meets daily in classes in 804
We promote orchestral music to the student body by putting on concerts at school and around the community.
Project Lit - Ms. Stevenson - Meets during lunch on the last Wednesday of the month in the Library
Project Lit Club is dedicated to fostering a love for reading within our school and community.
Young Women Empowered for Leadership (YWEL) - Ms. Brown, Ms. Jones, Mrs. James - Meets one Thursday a month during lunch in 709
YWEL is a mentorship program which offers students the opportunity to explore their identity and develop the qualities of leadership needed to pursue higher education.
Interested in starting a club? Stop by and see Mrs. West in the Activities Office for more information.