Academies and Career/Technical Education (CTE)

This page is is updated as programs change and adapt.
Please check back prior to making course selections for the most up to date version. 
For more information about one of our academies, click on the links below.
Below you will find a list of the Academy, Career Pathway, and Career Technical Courses offered at Foothill High School. This list will soon be updated with more information and links to pages for each of our academies. *Please note, course offerings do change and adapt year to year.

Agri-Business Academy

Introduction to Ag Food & Natural Resources (ag science 9th grade)

Sustainable Agriculture (ag bio. 10th grade)

Ag Business Management

Ag Government

Ag Economics

Ag Horticulture

Ag Electives: mechanics, welding, engineering/fabrication, floral design


Ag Pathway

Ag Mechanics

Ag Welding

Ag Engineering and Fabrication


Engineering Design and Architecture Pathway

Intro into Engineering

Principles of Engineering

Drafting / Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Architectural Design


Project Lead the Way (bio-med)



Business Management Pathway

Web Design

Digital Art 1

Digital Art 2

Video Production



Building and Construction Pathway

Ag Construction

Advanced Ag Construction