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May is Mental Health Month

Did you know half of us will have a mental health challenge over the course of our lifetime? Yet research shows that many people -- particularly young people -- wait a long time to get help due to fears of being labeled or stigmatized. The fact is with support and appropriate treatment people with mental health challenges can, and do, get better.


California’s Mental Health Movement, Each Mind Matters, invites you to join Californians in spreading awareness about the importance of mental health. Throughout May we will focus on:


  • Tips on how to achieve mental health well-being
  • How to create a supportive community where everyone can reach out for help
  • Tools to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness

In addition to what we have collected here, please visit the Kern High School District’s website for Mental Health Awareness month resources:


Teen Support Group Available EVERY SUNDAY @ 2pm

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Join us for a 31 day Mental Health Wellness Challenge (get a copy of the calendar below).

Community Events



Kern County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services is hosting a virtual Uplighting Event from April 28 to May 28th.  There is a kickoff event on May 3rd at 7:45 that can be viewed on their Facebook page.
















Free Online Student Event May 4th to 6th sponsored by the department of Education.














Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services will host Teacher Appreciation Mindfulness Workshops May 7th and May 13th.  





















There will be an Art Installment at the Bluffs at Panorama Park May 7th to May 9th.  Citizens can come to the park and bring artwork to work on at the park during this weekend pop up event, or view one of the 13 art installments that are showcased this year. 














On May 14th, there will be a mental health symposium where our community can learn more about mental health.  More information on this event can be located on Kern County Behavioral Health & Recovery’s website at



















On May 17th the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will sponsor the In Our Own Voice event with speakers sharing their journeys in order to help others gain a better understanding about metal health issues and the challenges that come with it.