Foothill High School

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To contact a member of the Foothill staff please use the email address below or call Foothill High School at (661) 366-4491 and use the appropriate extension listed. 


Ryan Geivet, Principal, ext. 30 - [email protected]

Jodi Shuppert, Assistant Principal of Instruction, ext. 30/31 - [email protected]

Ricky Ishida, Assistant Principal of Administration, ext 30/31 - [email protected]

Stephanie Hall, Dean of Student Behavior and Supports, ext. 13 - [email protected]

Mike Biezad, Director of Athletics, ext. 39 - [email protected]

Jennifer West, Director of Activities, ext. 99 - [email protected]

Ana Boyd, Attendance A-L, ext. 27 - [email protected]

Kalissa Maki, Finance Office, ext. 18 - [email protected]

Hilda Aguiniga, Registrar, ext. 17 - [email protected]

Griselda Mora, Dean's Secretary, ext. 26 - [email protected]

Carolina Gonzalez, Office Supervisor / Principal’s Secretary, ext. 30 - [email protected]

Victoria Mendez, School & Asst. Principal’s Secretary, ext. 31 - [email protected]

Maria Hernandez, Textbooks & Duplicating, ext. 002/100 - [email protected]