Principal's Message

KHSD Video Introduction to Principal Geivet (August 2021)


August 2023
Dear Trojan Parents/Guardians and Students,
I welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year. The Foothill High School staff is looking forward to another exciting
year. We continue to celebrate the traditions and pride in our school community as we prepare to welcome the class
of 2027. The Trojans have endured a very difficult time in education but have shown the kind of resilience and pride
expected of our Foothill family. We move forward toward a growth mindset and maintain our focus on providing
our students the best educational experience possible.

At Foothill High School, we maintain our commitment to the three core values that define what it means to be a
Trojan: Focus, Honor, and Success (FHS). We work with our students to focus on their education by taking
advantage of the many opportunities and support provided during their four years. Help us encourage them to
connect with our culture and experience all that Foothill has to offer by getting involved with activities, athletics, and
clubs. By focusing outside as well as inside the classroom, they are sure to find success.

Additionally, we will continue to teach students to honor our Trojan history and traditions. As a member of the
Foothill family, we expect our students to honor our campus, their peers, and themselves. Respect is a fundamental
ingredient that will lead to the success of each student and our school. Trojans take care of and support each other.
We celebrate our differences and focus on the things we have in common, allowing students to understand the
meaning of #WeAreTrojans. We proudly represent our time as Trojans and continue to pass down a legacy of

Parents, guardians, and family members of a Trojan, we recognize the important role you all play in the success
of our students. Please consider getting involved in our parent booster group, Trojan Link or becoming a member of
our School Site Council. We value your input and need your support and partnership to provide the best experience
possible. You can also connect with Foothill by attending one of our many parent meetings, Coffee with the
Principal, athletic events, or visual and performing arts shows. The more you are on campus making the connection,
the more likely your student will seek success.

The Foothill seal includes the following Latin phrase Gaudium Eruditionis which means the joy of learning.
Foothill High School is a special place where we find joy in the educational journey of our students. Our staff loves
working with our students and we value each Trojan and their unique path. Please join us in celebrating the joy of
learning over the course of this coming school year.

Ryan J. Geivet